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Start investing in Real Estate now

Make passive income with Real Estate.

Real estate has both the stability and the profitability to be a great foundation for building wealth. Whether you are new or experienced in real estate investment, Greenroads Real Estate can help you with making a personalized investment plan to reach your goals.


  • We can help you find the right deals.

  • You can use our network of contractors and vendors.

  •  Determine rehab costs

  • Access to our network of Lenders

  • How to market effectively

  • Long-term or short-term rental?

  • Which areas to buy

  • Fix and flip

  • Taxation

Why Spain?

Invest in the Spanish market

Finding deals: There is currently a buyer’s market in Spain. The housing market has a lot of stock, making it easier to find deals and fixer uppers. Outbidding hardly occurs in Spain.                                                                             

Leverage: Spanish banks are very foreign friendly in lending money. The banks can finance up till 70 % LTV for nonresidents.                                                            


Cashflow: High cash flowing properties with short term or midterm rental.


Competition: If you understand investing in real estate, then you will probably beat the competition. Investing in real estate is not as popular as in the NL or the US. The level of marketing is also a lot lower, there are many poorly presented homes for sales or rent.                    

Spain: Spain does really have it all, from incredible landscapes and beaches, to world-famous cuisine and rich history, all this combined with a Mediterranean climate.

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Want to invest with Olaf on deals?

In my next venture I will give investors the opportunity to partner with me and my team to buy different kind of Real Estate deals in Spain. 


1. We find deals

We use our strategies and network to get Real Estate deals with high yields

2. Invest

Choose the desire amount you want to invest in the deal. 

3. Manage

From acquisition to management to an exit. We will handle it all.

4. You make money. 

You receive the cashflow and get the benefits of the appreciation. 

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