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We adopt an investor's perspective when evaluating properties, actively seeking lucrative opportunities on behalf of our clients.

Our approach involves identifying promising deals and submitting offers significantly below market value

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Our approach involves identifying promising deals and submitting offers significantly below market value.


Leveraging our extensive network, we specialize in sourcing distressed properties, acquiring them at below-market rates, and enhancing their value through strategic improvements.


Our diversified strategies encompass room rentals, short-term rentals, long-term rentals, and fix-and-flip projects. In addition to these strategies, we also have access to off-market deals, further broadening our ability to secure advantageous opportunities for our clients.

Introduction call: We set up an introduction call, so you get to know who we are and what we do. In this call, we will explain all the steps and hurdles that come along with buying a property in Spain.


Make a plan: We make a personalized action plan based on your wishes, schedules and financial situation. When it comes to finding the perfect home, or the perfect investment, we understand what your needs are.


Finding the property: We will send you a list of potential properties customized to your requirements and expectations.


Viewings: If you have serious interest in one or more properties, we will set up an inspection trip for you. During the visit we show you the selected properties and the surrounding areas. We will provide all the necessary information regarding the property, taxes, and other issues to be considered.


Make an offer: Did you find the perfect house for you? Then it’s time to take an action! With our strategic guidance, you will be in the best position possible to get the best deal. In Spain, it is necessary to make a reservation on the property to prevent the house from passing. You need to pay a deposit to secure the property, of which the amount varies between €3000-€6000.


Closing costs:

You must take closing costs into consideration when buying a house in Spain. Closing costs are expenses associated with the sale of a property, paid to the various vendors involved in the transaction.

What is covered by the buyer’s costs?

  1. Transfer tax 6-10% depending on the region (New construction 10% VAT on mainland + stamp duty 1.2%)

  2. Notary cost 0,5-1%

  3. Real Estate agent 3%

  4. Lender closing costs 0.6% 

  5. Land registration fee 0,4-1%

  6. Due Diligence fee: 800-1600 euro


The exacts cost therefore depend on the area and the type of object you buy. To be conservative, we take 14% into account. 

Case study: 

Purchase price 200k

LTV 70%

Own equity 30% = 60k

Taxes, Notary, Agent and other closing costs 14 (conservative) = 28k

Own equity to put  = 88k

Transferring your house:

Successfully closing the deal does not mean our service will stop. Our goal is to build a life-long relationship where you come to us for all real estate advice, needs and questions. We also offer property management services, so you can be totally hands-free.

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